When Tableau 8.1 came out we published a viz of Ideas from the community that were addressed in this release. Since then, Johan Sivertsen and Jonathan Drummey alerted me to some ideas that I missed. Now 30 ideas are marked as beta:

Updated as of 10/18/2013: two more ideas ("v8: Please make Advanced Segments.." and "Font Size Formatting for quick filters" were missed and are now included, bringing the total number of ideas to 30 from 28. Viz below is updated as well.

While these 30 ideas represent barely 2% of the total 1300 customer submitted product ideas, the combined sum of their total votes account for 9% of total votes over all ideas. In other words, many of these ideas are the biggest, most requested, most needed features.

The Ideas Forum is a place for the community to contribute and vote on ideas. Tableau's approach to product development is to bring out a mix of capabilities, some of which are breakthrough and others that address customer pain points. So while we don't look at the Ideas forum as a "to do list" that we tick down day by day, we do look to it as a great resource for our development team. Program managers, developers and leaders often look at the top-voted ideas and read the comments to understand customer use cases.

So visit the Ideas Forum if you have not yet and vote on some of your favorites. We're listening.


Great job, Ellie, Keep up the amazing work. I love how Tableau works with the user community in such a transparent way to improve the product. There truly is a level of interaction that you don't get with any other company.

Thanks Matt! We're lucky to have a community with excellent product insight and eager to contribute. One of the things that makes our product what it is, is the community.

This is one of the many reasons I love the ethos about this product and the amazing people who bring it to life - so few companies use this approach! I believe it completely transforms customer advocacy, where other models employ a bunch of developers locked in a dungeon building features they 'think' their customers want

Change starting day of the week as #1 request? REALLY? That's the most important request for the community? I hardly think so. Given the # of votes vs. # of Tableau users it's a skewed product enhancement list IMHO.How do we improve the feedback process to get the right requests prioritized?

I don't think the development team design their programme enhancements in exact "number of votes on the website" order... There'll be other considerations, ranging from high strategy (internationalisation versus improvements for the US) to practical (instituting the #1 idea, dynamic parameters, might be a massive drain on programmer resources so needs to be scheduled for a later version)

Also, the number of votes probably reflect what's easily visible on the ideas voting page - I think there's an idea to cycle ideas around so the community can get better visibility of what's available to vote on. If that was brought in, you'd probably see votes more evenly spread

Finally, change the starting day is great! :-) It's an international feature (we need it here in the UK; we start the week after the weekEND) and good support for using Tableau for client reporting

Richard, I think the frustration was that you can get around Days of the week through programatical implementation. If you're doing a true internationalised implementation then I can see how respecting local setting can have a play in this, but then full i18n server support, needs to be implemented also . Having an "apply" button was literally already there with "pause updates".. just tipped the cup a little hence my note.

I think the user community has a great opportunity to help direct Tableau's feature set from a strategic perspective. This was just a little vented frustration - I've added my own suggestions and will be adding others as I observe them.

Also, per your weekend note, I'm a Brit too, so I get it.

(But R integration is a great start; SAML integration was long overdue)

Can this feature added in further version- Image (Photo) should be display behind the user name.

I think this will be a best feature in next version.

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