Marketing Teams Putting Data to Work

As a marketing professional, I have a soft spot for customer stories that showcase Tableau at work in marketing departments. So it’s gratifying when I hear about customers combining their data muscle and Tableau chops to segment audiences, engage prospects, and provide meaningful content about their product or service.

Let's take Kerem Tomak, Macy’’s Vice President of Marketing Analytics, for example. Kerem spoke at our Customer Conference last Fall in Las Vegas. He provided an in-depth view into how his team has optimized their data environment to capture relevant information, and the importance they placed on using Tableau to effectively analyze, visualize, and share the meaning behind that data.

Kerem’s team has a robust data infrastructure and analytical approach that equips them to understand their customers. Who are they? How long have they been with Macy’s? Which channel does the customer use to do business with us? And they don’t stop there. Critical analysis of the future relationship that can be established, including lifetime value calculations, is an essential part of how the team is using data to ensure they are a data-driven marketing team.

Tableau is a critical element of making sure they use this data effectively. By using Tableau for data discovery and visualizing their data as they go, can see trends and patterns that provide quick, meaningful insight into their data. Creating compelling visual analysis of their data, they have meaningful, robust discussions throughout the business about where to set priorities, which actions to take, and how to think about the future value they can offer to customers.

Camelot, Mindshare & E.B. Lane

Macy’ is joined by many customers who are revolutionizing how they can use marketing data to become more data-driven. In this YouTube playlist, you can hear from two other Tableau customers, Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media, and Mindshare, who use Tableau to visualize marketing data in ways that are transforming the way they do business.

All three of these customers presented their stories at past Tableau Customer Conferences. At this year's conference, which will take place November 5-8 in San Diego, we'll have more marketing stories coming your way. E.B. Lane, a marketing strategy firm, will share how they combine sales data, media spend, web analytics, and social media metrics into a single, real-time dashboard for the Arizona lottery commission. It's just one example about how marketing data is helping transform how a decisions are made to promote an offering. Join us in November to hear this another great marketing stories.

Online marketing data example

If you're interested to see Tableau in action against marketing data, I recommend that you check out “Optimize Your Online Advertising,” a short video made by my colleague, Lori Williams. It’s 2 ½ minutes well spent. She’ll show you how you can quickly transform advertising spend data into an informative, actionable dashboard. It’ll give you some ideas on how you can get started making sure your marketing data is coming to life and supporting your efforts to become a data-driven marketing team.

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