In Atlanta, Real Friends Democratize Data

One of our favorite experiences is introducing Tableau to people who've never seen it in action before. You can imagine our joy, then, when lots of unexpected--but very welcome attendees packed our Atlanta event today as customers brought many friends for the ride. We couldn't have been happier to accommodate.

We kicked off the event with a story that gripped the audience. It's one of our favorite stories to share about a great customer--Seattle Children's Hospital. It's not just a great story about how a hospital uses Tableau, but more importantly, it displays the real impact of what Tableau is about and what happens when people have the tools in their hands to analyze their own data.

If the audience was silent during that story, they were the complete opposite during the 7.0 demo. Questions abounded, including depth of filled maps (down to zip code in the US), whether you can share database connections with joins in the data server (yes!), can you automatically refresh an extract (yes!).

We still have more than half of our 7.0 tour to go. Join in, and like Atlanta, bring friends!

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