On-Demand Webinar

План Tableau вебинара по картам

1. Построение базовых карт для городов и регионов на русском языке
2. Построение траекторий и путей на карте
3. Кастомное геокодирование
4. Интеграция с сервисами веб-карт WMS
5. Интеграция с сервисом Mapbox
6. Построение планограмм
7. Кастомные полигоны

About the speakers

Irina Porodnova

Product Consultant, Tableau
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About Navicon

Navicon is a consulting company based in Moscow, Russia, since 2002. We implement the best in class solutions based on well-known platforms like Tableau to our valuable customers. We are eager to develop new ideas and bring innovations to business. BI has become our core direction during last couple years and we see it as the most driving and perspective in the nearest future.