Marketing Analytics Quickstart

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Marketing Analytics Quickstart Consulting Offer

Google and Tableau are working together to help you realize the true possibilities of a well-designed, data-driven marketing system. Tableau and Google Cloud leverage the power of all your data and unlock insights with a self-service model. Collect, transform, analyze, and visualize your marketing data faster than ever.

  • Gain visibility in real-time
  • Identify your most valuable and vulnerable customers
  • Merge online and offline analytics to optimize ROI
  • Sync disparate data sources for a holistic view
  • Uncover the most valuable media channels and paths to purchase

This new joint consulting offering is designed to seamlessly integrate the two platforms for a more powerful analytics experience. Google BigQuery is a fully-managed, cloud-based analytical data warehouse that enables users to run fast queries against massive datasets in seconds. Tableau connects directly to Google BigQuery to enable effortless visual analytics for the enterprise.

Consulting Engagement Overview

As part of the offering, you will be set up with a consulting partner with expertise in marketing analytics, Tableau, and Google Cloud Platform, in a subsidized consulting engagement. Benefits include subsidization of a minimum of 2 weeks of project work (may vary based on overall project scope and deliverables), along with Google Cloud Credits and a Tableau trial for the full duration.


The experts from our consulting partners will embed themselves in your organization to:
  1. Consolidate and integrate your most important marketing channels, Google data sources, and third party data.
  2. Set up ongoing data transformation flows via Google BigQuery.
  3. Bring insights to life with beautiful, interactive, self-service visualizations with Tableau.
  4. Train your team to operationalize the entire solution.
Customer Requirements:
  1. Identification of predefined marketing business problem to solve.
  2. Identification and access to up to 4 Google sources of marketing data for the consulting engagement.
  3. Executive sponsorship and executive review of project (VP-level or higher).
  4. Acceptance of Google Cloud Platform’s terms and conditions.

*Please Note:

1. Consulting services partners require access to at least one responsible party for current data structure information and input throughout the length of the engagement.

2. A minimum of 2 weeks of consulting fees may be covered by this offer. This may increase based on overall consulting engagement scope and deliverables.

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