Marketing Analytics Quickstart

Bring your marketing data together, set your business apart

A new joint offering for customers of Google and Tableau

Google and Tableau are working together to help you realize the true possibilities of a well-designed, data-driven marketing system. Tableau and Google Cloud leverage the power of all your data and unlock insights with a self-service model. Collect, transform, analyze, and visualize your marketing data faster than ever.

  • Gain visibility in real-time
  • Identify your most valuable and vulnerable customers
  • Merge online and offline analytics to optimize ROI
  • Sync disparate data sources for a holistic view
  • Uncover the most valuable media channels and paths to purchase

This new joint offering is designed to seamlessly integrate the two platforms for a more powerful analytics experience, and includes a no cost two week set-up and training support program. Our experts will embed themselves in your organization to consolidate and integrate your marketing data sources, populate Tableau, and train your team.

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*In order to be eligible for a Google funded services partner engagement, customer must sign a 12-month Marketing Analytics Quickstart Pack offline order. A one-time 2-month Proof of Concept credit will be included at the beginning of this term allowing for service delivery before any billing commences. Customer may cancel this 12-month term at any time during the POC period with an email to the integration partner or Google.

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