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Tableau Server 2019.3.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2019.3.26, which contains additional fixes.

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Early End of Maintenance Notice

Maintenance for this version has ended and the download links have been removed for security purposes. For more information, please see this Knowledge Base article.



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do, 23 januari, 2020


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Changes were applied to improve security. See ADV-2020-001, ADV-2020-002, ADV-2020-003, ADV-2020-004, ADV-2020-005, ADV-2020-006, ADV-2020-007, ADV-2020-008, ADV-2020-009, and ADV-2020-010 in Security Bulletins for more details.

Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

A security improvement was made which requires secondary active directory domains be approved, for more information see .


After upgrading a Tableau Server that has Data Catalog enabled from any earlier version to 2019.3.0 - 2019.3.3 or 2019.4.0 - 2019.4.1 lineage did not populate, database permissions did not take effect and vizzes loaded more slowly.


In web authoring, when an Explorer user changes the Filter Type to 'Multiple Values (custom list)' and start adding an item, it causes the following error: "Initial workbook edits for the session were recovered. To open the saved workbook, click File, and then click Revert."


When a user tries to access a view through a URL that contains spaces (%20), the user is not logged in, though SAML Authentication and Guest Access is enabled; nor is the user redirected to a login page.


When published to Tableau Server 2018.3.7, the tooltips are slow to render.


Confusing registration file warning message, "Unable to flatten service registration info, because there is no registration file." needs no action from users setting configuration using TSM.


When running parallel refreshes of workbooks that contain extracts of published extracts, the error "Transferred a partial file" intermittently occurred.


Arbitrary 10k limit for SSL certificate chain file upload causes this error, "External SSL Configuration Error: The file 'intermediate_longer.cert' exceeds the maximum allowed size of '10.240' bytes."


Changing filters sometimes resulted in an "Invalid set function" or "No Such column" error when connected to Redshift.


Single backgrounder process intermittently hit deadlock on shutdown during periodic restart and entered a bad state.


If there is an increase in settings like nprocs and other process limits on a Linux system running Tableau, then there should be an increase in kernel.pid_max and vm.max_map_count to avoid native thread errors.


Embedded views failed to load after updating to Chrome 80. For more information and solutions, see this KB.


With browser locale set as Indonesian or Hebrew, creating a new workbook or adding a data source failed with the error "The formatters-and-parsers..js file has not been loaded".


After exporting a workbook to PowerPoint, apostrophes " ' " in the workbook name were encoded as "'".


SAMLservice failed to start on multi-node installations of Tableau Server 2019.3 and newer versions with site SAML enabled, which prevented users from logging in.

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