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Tableau Prep Builder 2020.1.4

We raden aan om de nieuwste onderhoudsrelease van deze versie te gebruiken, want deze bevat oplossingen voor bepaalde fouten.

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The download file for this version has been removed due to the security issues currently identified in CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046. In order to address these security issues, you must update to the newest version of your desired Tableau product. For more information please see the Knowledge Article, Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (Log4shell)

Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

The generic error "System error : System error" occurs in Tableau Prep 2020.1 after creating a union of text files, if the field [timestamp] in the input step is not changed from "Date time" to "Text" type.


Only the first change that you apply from the "Expression" editor will actually be applied. If you use "Apply" to change a calculation, no subsequent uses of "Apply" will work, and "Save" will not work either. Closing and re-opening the editor will allow you to make one other change, however.


Incorrect data from unrelated fields appear in "Join Clauses" panel, after editing a join condition.


Union of wildcard does not work in Prep Builder 2019.4.2, the flow fails with the following error: "Unable to run input node: Failure evaluating to database: [db number] hyper_execute_query: 0 "db number"".


Flow built on pivoted left joined on itself data set does not output the expected number of rows.


When trying to open flows containing LOD calculations in Prep Builder 2020.1.2, no error is encountered, but if the same flow is opened in Prep Builder 2020.1.3, the following error occurs: "This flow was created in a newer version of Tableau Prep Builder and includes functionality that isn't supported in this version. To open the flow, either upgrade to the latest version or open the flow in Tableau Prep Builder 2020.1.1 and disable the following functionality: Level of Detail Calculations".


Tableau Prep is converting date values improperly, showing 1000-01-01 as 12/31/0999.


When attempted to connect to MS SQL Server using Tableau Prep Builder 2019.4.2, unable to get prompt for username and password when using Windows authentication.


Flow execution error when using Windows Excel: "Error in outputting: Failure evaluating to database tableau temp does not exist when using a UNC path in the input connection."


Running a flow, created in an older version, does not complete after upgrading to Tableau Prep Builder 2019.4.2. No issues running the same flow in 2019.3 and 2019.4.1.


Tableau Prep hangs on splash screen and will not launch due to Prepservice component not starting properly.


Error appears: "Unable to run input node: Failure evaluating to database......collation mismatch, use COLLATE statements to resolve", when executing a given query.


Pivot [Rows to Columns] Does NOT Return All Columns. The sample field has 350 distinct values, but Pivot [Rows to Columns] returns only 320 columns.


Tableau Prep Flow Output data changes to incorrect values if flow contains Right Outer Join and "IFNULL" calculation.


Unable to change data type in Input step when connecting to PDF.


Tableau Prep fails to automatically trim trailing whitespace in the Table/Schema Search, whereas Desktop always trims whitespaces.


Publishing a flow containing an initial SQL parameter from Prep Builder 2020.1.3 to Tableau Server 2020.1 resulted in an error "The flow can't be scheduled or run because Tableau Server is running an older version than your copy of Tableau Prep Builder and doesn't support some of the features in this flow".

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