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Tableau Desktop 9.3.7

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.3.24, which contains additional fixes.

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ma, 19 september, 2016


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Opmerkingen bij de release van Tableau 9.3.7 Let op: Tableau Desktop-klanten bij wie productupdates zijn ingeschakeld, wordt gevraagd de upgrade een paar dagen nadat er een onderhoudsrelease beschikbaar is gesteld, uit te voeren. Zie de kennisbank van Tableau voor meer informatie.

Er zijn verschillende wijzigingen doorgevoerd om de beveiliging te verbeteren. Zie de beveiligingsberichten voor meer informatie.

Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

When you printed a workbook to PDF from Tableau Desktop, with an unspecified paper size, the first page would not have properly sized margins.


When you blended two data sources on a date field and exported a view as a crosstab to Excel, the results in Excel sometimes did not match the values displayed in Tableau Desktop.


In Tableau Desktop, connecting to SAP BW would fail with an "Authorization failed" error if your password contained special characters.


In a small number of scenarios, sometimes involving level of detail calculations, extract query performance became significantly worse after upgrading to Tableau 9.3 or higher.


In some cases, grand total values would disappear when navigating between sheets using actions.


In some cases in Tableau Desktop, opening a workbook containing level of detail calculations resulted in an error: "Tableau Data Engine Error: 49035: join expressions must have same data type"


In some cases, workbooks connected to a Microsoft Excel data source would fail to load with an internal error.


When connecting to SAP HANA, Tableau Desktop would allow you to specify multiple values for input parameters that accept multiple entries but only one value would actually be used.

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