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Tableau Desktop 9.2.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.2.25, which contains additional fixes.

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9200.16.0201.1945 (Mac) or 9200.16.0204.1543 (Windows)

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vr, 05 februari, 2016


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Opmerkingen bij de release van Tableau 9.2.4 Let op: Tableau Desktop-klanten bij wie productupdates zijn ingeschakeld, wordt gevraagd de upgrade een paar dagen nadat er een onderhoudsrelease beschikbaar is gesteld, uit te voeren. Zie de kennisbank van Tableau voor meer informatie.

Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

In Tableau Desktop, when you edited a Microsoft SQL Server data source to point to a different Microsoft SQL Server database server, an error occurred if a database with the same name did not exist on both servers.


In Tableau Desktop, when you created an extract from a published data source and then tried to edit the data source, an error occurred: "Errors occurred while loading the data source."


Tableau Desktop sometimes quit unexpectedly when you signed into a Tableau Server configured to use mutual SSL.


An error occurred when you ran the installer for Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, or Tableau Server: "The signature was corrupt or invalid."


In certain cases in Tableau Desktop, when you changed the allowable values for a parameter from Range to List, an error occurred: "Error in parameters for command 'set-parameter-value' bad value."


In Tableau Desktop, when you used an aggregated filter with data blending and a reference line based on a workbook parameter, the filter didn't correctly update the view.


In Tableau Desktop, when you were connected to an SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse data source and assigned a custom color palette to marks, refreshing the data source caused the color palette to revert to default.


When creating a data source in Tableau Desktop, tables with foreign key relationships didn't automatically join.


In Tableau Desktop, when you edited certain datetime type stored procedure parameters, an internal error occurred.


When you signed into a previously used Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop, the remembered server name didn't retain SSL or any custom port information, and resulted in an error: "Username or password incorrect."

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