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We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.0.25, which contains additional fixes.

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di, 02 juni, 2015


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Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

When you an option from an auto-complete menu while editing a calculation, Tableau could close unexpectedly.


Tableau would stop responding when connecting to an Excel file that contained named ranges.


Tableau would sometimes fail to open when the Tableau Repository was located on a network drive.


When you tried to open a workbook that included a .svg image file, an error displayed: Unable to load image ''.


Some dimensions or hierarchies on an MSAS cube that were originally hidden would stay hidden after being put into use and would not be displayed again after the Hide All Unused Fields option was set.


On a Mac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, users could not connect to Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop.


With Windows configured for English(United Kingdom), when you configured fields for Currency (Standard) and a locale of English (United States) and you exported the worksheet as Crosstab to Excel, the currency formatting for $ was converted to £.


When you created a new connection to Google Analytics, core reporting fields sometimes were missing from the Google Analytics connection.


After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.10.3, when you tried to connect to Google Analytics, sometimes a certificate error appeared and you could not connect.


With workbooks created in Tableau Desktop 8.x and opened in 9.0, when you used the Exit command to close Tableau (Command + Q on a Mac, Alt + F4 on Windows, or File > Exit) before saving your workbook, you could not save your workbook because the Save dialog box did not appear.


In Tableau Desktop 9.0.2 and later versions, some keyboard shortcuts were updated to avoid conflicts on certain international keyboards. For information, see the Tableau Knowledge Base.


When a dimension in an Essbase table contained a special character, an error appeared and you could not connect to the Essbase database.


On a Mac, when the automatic field renaming option was set to off using the DADM switch, the headers were still automatically capitalized, rather than displaying as expected.


When connecting to Hadoop Hive version 0.13, the case of a parameter value sometimes caused an error.


When connected to OData, datetime fields would sometimes import with null values.


When connected to a published data source, you could not edit the alias of a duplicate field.


When you opened a workbook that included story points and was created prior to 9.0, an error appeared.


When you saved a workbook that had been created in an earlier version of Tableau and were prompted with a warning that, once saved, the workbook could not be opened in older versions of Tableau, if you selected "Do not show again" and clicked "No", the workbook could not be saved. With this fix, after you select "Do not show again" saving the workbook saves it in the updated format.


When you cleared the Show Header option on the upper axis of a dual axis view, the field label was also hidden.


Adding a parameter to an SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse connection sometimes caused the following MDX query error: "Invalid MDX command."


When you edited tooltips in Tableau Desktop 32-bit, Tableau sometimes closed unexpectedly.


After fiscal year start was changed, some date dimensions were not associated with the correct year.


When you used the Quarter date truncation with a HANA Calculation View data source, duplicate members appeared.

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