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We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.1.25, which contains additional fixes.

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do, 10 april, 2014


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Deze release bevat een essentiële beveiligingsupdate met een oplossing voor het beveiligingsprobleem Heartbleed. Heartbleed is een ernstig beveiligingsprobleem in de OpenSSL-bibliotheek (versie 1.0.1). OpenSSL is opensourcesoftware die door veel websites en softwareproducten wordt gebruikt, waaronder bepaalde Tableau-producten. Door het Heartbleed-lek kan een aanvaller op afstand het appgeheugen van een client of server lezen. De aanvaller kan daardoor versleutelingssleutels lezen en data ontsleutelen die door onderschept verkeer zijn verkregen. Zie het artikel Heartbleed Issue (Heartbleed-probleem) in onze kennisbank voor meer informatie over de updates van Tableau voor dit probleem, de producten van Tableau die hierdoor zijn getroffen en hoe je de Tableau-upgrade uitvoert.

Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

Tableau views embedded into other pages where the parent page URL included the # character in the URL path would truncate the URL after the #.


A security issue in libcurl was fixed, having to do with re-use of wrong HTTP NTLM connection. This could affect certain network connections not handled by database drivers.


When connecting to Google BigQuery, connecting to multiple tables would sometimes cause the error: Table name cannot be resolved: dataset name is missing


Connecting to Amazon RedShift databases where the database is running on a single node configuration would not work. The error returned was 'Fetch size 10000 exceeds the limit of 1000 for a single node configuration. Reduce the client fetch/cache size or upgrade to a multi node installation.'.


Converting a single table Excel connection to a Custom SQL connection would sometimes result in a JET database error.


In certain cases connecting to Netezza databases could incorrectly show null values for columns of data. The root cause was trailing spaces sometimes being used in the SQL alias names generated by Tableau.


When quick filters from secondary data sources were exposed on dashboards and were not set to have a fixed height, the filters expanded to fill all available space in the layout container.


Fractional second date fields were being truncated at about 1024 characters. They now get truncated at 16,383 characters.


Using TDC files to customize connection options for Hadoop Hive connections was not always working.


Corrected a problem when retrieving data from SQL Server where the datatype of the column is an unsigned tinyint.


Implemented a performance optimization for retrieving data from Vertica databases. The change was to increase the fetch buffer size from 128k to 8,192k.


Corrected a problem connecting to PostgreSQL and RedShift databases with SSL enabled.


When adding a calculated field to the view with a PostgreSQL database connection, the following error would be returned: "Error: function strpos(interval, text) does not exist".


Queries generated when using action filters could lead to performance issues. The problem would occur when clearing the filter.


When using the VAR function in a large worksheet (50,000,000 or more records) with an extract data source, the function would return a negative value


Quick filters would not be displayed after a view was exported as an image or PDF file. The issue would occur only when table calculations were being used to return string values that were being used as filters.


After refreshing a extract, the following error would occur: "Error parsing filter for field 'YEAR(Created Date)', ignoring filter". The error would occur only if there was a date field on the filter shelf.


Updated geocoding to improve placement for a number of locations.


It was not possible to establish connections to Cloudera Hadoop when Impala was being used for Kerberos authentication.


Corrected an issue with relative date filters for Hive data sources.


Mark labels would sometimes overlap. The issue would affect vertical labels that use multiple text styles in the same line.


Publishing a workbook that connected to a Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse data source erroneously displayed the "Impersonate via embedded credentials" option.


Essbase connections that time out are now silently re-established. If a connection attempt fails, an error message displays.


With data blending, user calculations using cube measures and having non-additive aggregate derivations would sometimes display and log an “Internal Error” message (without any additional details) in Tableau Desktop. Under such circumstances, relevant fields and views are now correctly flagged as "invalid."

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