Consumer Goods Analytics

Consumer goods data is always in motion. Static reports get stale quickly, and most business intelligence tools are too inflexible to analyze on the fly. Tableau gets you out of the reporting dungeon so you can focus on timely, insightful analysis. With the ability to visualize in real time, you can avoid out of stocks, track on-shelf availability, evaluate marketing effectiveness, and dig into key performance indicators within and across retailers. You can even connect to live data and set up alerts to help you discover tomorrow's solutions, before they're problems. When it’s time to communicate, rich visualizations get your point across to leadership, partners, and investors—while interactivity enables them to draw their own conclusions. And you can present current findings, without telling the same old jokes about "out of season" data. Deep analytics are the future of consumer goods' success, and Tableau will help you make sure that means you spend more time making decisions instead of formatting spreadsheets.

Retail & Consumer Goods Stockroom

The Stockroom is a learning series specifically for the analytics needs of our Retail & Consumer Goods Community. Whether you’re a current customer, analyst, business unit or new to Tableau, we have a number of virtual sessions that will help you throughout your analytics journey.

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It's important for a company like Unilever to be able to blend data together. We need to really be able to understand what is driving a consumer to make purchases and how those drivers are changing over time by blending all the data together. Tableau is definitely a big enabler of that.