The Tableau Online Opportunity for Partners

Tableau recently hosted all of our sales and marketing teams in Seattle for a 'Global Sales Kick Off" conference. As an extension of our sales team, the session on Tableau Online is now available to partners to learn about the opportunity ahead of all of us with Tableau Online.

Francois Ajenstat and Ashley Jaschke from our Product Management team discuss why the cloud matters and how it matters to Tableau and our partners.

As a reminder, Partners are under NDA with Tableau and that includes the exclusive content of this video.

About the speaker


Ashley Jaschke

Manager, Product Management, Tableau Software

Ashley Jaschke is a Manager of Product Management at Tableau responsible for leading the cloud strategy to maintain Tableau's position as a leader in cloud analytics. This includes managing the team driving efforts for Tableau Public and Tableau Cloud as well as working to expand Tableau’s cloud partner ecosystem and cloud data integration strategy. Prior to Tableau, Ashley was a Software Engineer for a virtual reality project at NASA followed by Oracle, where she worked on the E-Business Suite product. After Oracle, Ashley transitioned into Product roles at Amazon and Tableau. She holds a BS in Computer Science from Old Dominion University and an MSBA in Computer Information Systems from Colorado State University.

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