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De 5 datavisualisaties die tot nu toe de meeste invloed hebben gehad

Met data worden kansen ontdekt en misverstanden rechtgezet. Deze 5 visualisaties (het werk van Snow, Rosling, Minard, Nightingale en Priestley) zijn daar het bewijs van. Ze hebben de denk- en...

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Welk diagram of welke grafiek is geschikt voor jou?

Je hebt data en je hebt vragen. Je weet dat er een diagram of grafiek moet zijn die jou de data toont die je wilt zien, maar het is niet altijd eenvoudig om direct te weten welke diagram of grafiek...

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3 Ways Data-Driven Leaders Make Better Decisions

Build trust and efficiencies with data Data-savvy business leaders use data to build trust and agility and reduce uncertainty. Learn how they make better, faster decisions in a rapidly changing...

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How Salesforce Uses Tableau for HR Analytics

Human Resource teams (HR) have been hit hard by new and unexpected challenges in recent years, with little sign that changes will slow. After being forced to navigate the pandemic, HR departments are...

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How Salesforce Uses Tableau for Marketing Analytics

Marketing teams are under the constant pressure to grow a customer base and increase profitability. They have also been forced to cut budgets, prove the ROI of every channel and campaign, and be even...


“Data culture eats data strategy for breakfast” has become a popular saying among data and analytics managers and executives. Even the best data strategy cannot fulfill its potential if the data...

The power of data: How banks and credit unions can put it to work

Success now starts with data. Data is key to empowering employees and delighting customers. Learn how banks and credit unions are transforming with data, AI and analytics. Read the full report and...

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Monetize Your Data with Embedded Analytics

ROI looms large in today’s new normal: As budgets tighten in companies across industries, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your data investments. While your organization may already...

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Cutting Through Complexity in the Global Healthcare Supply Chain

For the healthcare industry, supply chain continuity is essential: interruptions cause lack of access to medications, vaccines, and medical devices, with life-impacting ramifications. To ensure...

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Cómo utiliza Salesforce Tableau para análisis de marketing

Los equipos de marketing están bajo una presión constante para aumentar la lista de clientes y aumentar la rentabilidad. También se han visto obligados a recortar presupuestos, demostrar el ROI de...