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Transforming and Thriving with Data: Top 5 Dashboards for Insurance

The insurance industry can’t avoid change. Challenges can strike unexpectedly. There are some that build over time like shifting customer demographics and others that completely catch you off-guard...

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Transforming and Thriving with Data: Top 3 Risk Dashboards for Banks

Change can’t be avoided—especially in banking. Challenges like a pandemic, an economic downturn, or debt crisis can strike unexpectedly and will happen whether we’re prepared or not. They either...

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The Future of Analytics - BARC Research Report

Advanced analytics has come a long way in recent years since the hype around big data ignited. Since then, a considerable number of companies have prototyped analytics solutions and sought to...

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Plan for a Dynamic Future with Advanced Sales Analytics

Maximize the possibilities of your sales data In any sales organization, you build competitive advantage by understanding both the big picture and the on-the-ground details; a thousand-foot view...

Unlocking the Promise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have quickly become difference makers for organizations looking to develop a competitive advantage. AI/ML enables organizations to make sense of...

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Digitalization is on the agenda of almost every company, and data is the foundation of digitalization. Its availability and quality are crucial for digital success, making it an important economic...

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Design's hidden influence: What data analysts can learn from leading designers and psychologists

Any dashboard can and should be considered as a design project. Thinking like a designer when creating dashboards ultimately helps your audience understand and apply the data. But it’s not just about...

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Whitepaper - Tableau and S/4HANA Analytics

The purpose of this whitepaper is to educate you about Tableau’s integration with SAP’s S/4HANA product and to help optimize the experience of using Tableau and S/4HANA together for analytics....

How Healthcare Providers and Payers Drive Outcome-Based Analytics with Snowflake and Tableau

With the global health environment rapidly evolving, Tableau is committed to helping healthcare organizations see and understand their data. This means bringing data and visual analytics to everyone...

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2020 Data Trends

Every year, we look ahead to understand the major data trends that will shape the future of work in the following year. We’re seeing more collaboration and sharing, smarter ways to leverage new and...