Managing Tableau Bridge at Scale

Tableau Bridge is a necessary component to many successful organizations leveraging Tableau Cloud and looking to ensure connectivity for their on-premises data sources. Bridge can be effectively scaled to support both extracts and live connections in order to meet these needs, and there are multiple ways to manage a Bridge deployment, depending on the preferences of an organization.

What is Tableau Bridge?

Tableau Bridge is a free, supported client you can install behind your firewall to use in conjunction with Tableau Cloud, enabling connectivity to on-premises data. Tableau Bridge is currently only available for Windows operating systems. Previous versions of Bridge were a part of Tableau Desktop installations but starting with version 2018.2, Bridge is a stand-alone client. Only one Bridge client can be installed per Windows user context on a single machine, but customers can associate many Tableau Bridge clients with their Tableau Cloud site to support their data connectivity needs.

Tableau Bridge can be used in the following ways:

  • Maintain live connections to on-premises data
  • Maintain published extracts of data sources that Tableau Cloud cannot reach directly


Learn about the different models for managing Tableau Bridge

In this paper, you'll learn about foundational concepts necessary for understanding for how Tableau Bridge works—including with extracts and live connections—and why there are two main models for a Tableau Bridge deployment: a Centrally Managed VM Bridge Deployment, and a Private Publisher Model. Hybrid deployments, where some Bridge clients are centrally managed, and others that are managed by individual publishers, are common.

Download the whitepaper to learn important considerations for each deployment model, including process recommendations, how to scale the Tableau Bridge client, plus best practices and resources for monitoring traffic to data sources, Bridge performance, and more.

Please note: This paper was written to address Tableau Bridge version 2019.2; recommendations may change as new functionality is added in future releases.

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