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Tableau Day

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Connect with Tableau experts and masters of visual analytics among your peers to explore fresh ideas and best practices in modern analytics.


131 min
How Bosch is Using Predictive Analytics to Meet Rapidly Changing Customer Needs

Bosch Mobility division maintains a stock inventory worth over €2 billion across 100+ sites, ensuring global customers like BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce always have fast access to the parts and...

58 min
How to Clean Dirty Data and Get Insights Faster

Do you want to do higher quality data preparation in minutes not hours—so you can spend more time doing analysis that will unlock insights your business leaders need?

It's possible with...

55 min
How to build, run, and expand your Data Culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has showed that fast, strategic use of data is critical to an organization’s success — and often survival. Despite the trillions of dollars invested in data and analytics in...

61 min
Session 6: Advanced mapping techniques

For organizations that need to analyze geographic data to drive their business, it is critical that they unlock "where" outliers and patterns are occurring. In this webinar, find out how Tableau...

62 min
Session 5: Beyond the standard Tableau map

Creating maps is a popular and powerful way to visualize data, but selecting the best options can be a daunting task for beginners. It can be tempting to rely on symbol and choropleth maps, but...

57 min
Session 4: Introduction to mapping

Tableau aims to make creating beautiful and insightful maps simple - with instant geocoding, you can get to the “where” and the “why” of your data in just a few clicks. This session with Senior...

57 min
Session 3: Critiquing real-world dashboards

Citing real-life case studies from their book, The Big Book of Dashboards, three data visualization experts share their dashboard best practices, based on over 30 years of hands-on experience. In...

61 min
Session 2: Dashboard eye-tracking research

What elements in a dashboard subconsciously catch your eye? And how can you make sure that end users glean the most important information quickly and efficiently? Tableau has conducted several eye...

58 min
Session 1: Elements of effective data visualizations

Are you tired of the same 100-page slide decks and struggling to find the answers you need in unwieldy spreadsheets? You’re not alone - most organizations struggle to see and understand their data...

57 min