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Titel Duur
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
How Financial Services Can Personalise the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Analytics

Want to see how your financial services firm can create a personalised customer experience using AI-powered analytics—helping you compound the value of your customers?

Watch this demo to...

8 min
Efficiently Deliver More for Less with Supply Chain Analytics

Join us to hear how Signet Jewelers improves inventory planning through data-driven decision making with Tableau. During fluctuating demand, Signet Jewelers efficiently transfers product between...

51 min
Productize Your Data with Tableau Embedded Analytics

Today is the economy for monetizing your data

We all see the headlines, feel the looming economy. Budget cuts, declining profits, it is everywhere. Nearly 40% of CFO's said they would cut...

19 min
Charting a Course: How Insurance Companies Can Use Geospatial Analytics in Tableau

With changing climate conditions, insurance companies need to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging their robust geospatial data…and there is a need for a modern analytics platform to do so....

59 min
What's New in Tableau 2022.4

Join us for an overview of the features in Tableau 2022.4

Tune in for an overview to hear about the latest features from 2022 Tableau Visionary, Marc Reid. He will walk you through the new...

4 min
2022.4 Analyst Features

Check out the features dedicated for Analysts in Tableau 2022.4

See the latest capabilities in Tableau 2022.4 in action. Learn more about Image Roles, Tableau External Actions, Workbook...

5 min
What's new with Tableau?

Join us to learn about the latest product updates from the past year. We will cover everything from the Tableau platform, to new analysis tools, to advancements in self service analytics.

  • Public Sector
  • Government
Transforming Service Delivery in Public Health

The pandemic has propelled Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies into the digital age along with an increased demand for citizen services. Now more data than ever before is collected by and on...

52 min
  • Public Sector
  • Government
Build Public Trust with Data

Data and transparency are key to building trust between government organizations and the public. Through public-facing data visualizations, organizations can provide residents with up-to-date,...

57 min
Salesforce no Tableau para análise de marketing

Você se encontra constantemente se adaptando à mudança?

Na Salesforce, também passamos por isso. Como você, nossa equipe de marketing teve que reimaginar nossos eventos, experiências...

18 min