Monitoring financial performance with the Revenue Cycle Management Dashboard

In order to thrive in a changing industry, healthcare providers must become less reliant on stale, ad-hoc reporting. In order to save costs and eliminate bottlenecks, healthcare leaders in revenue cycle management (RCM) are turning to visual analytics. But what are the metrics that are most important?

Attend this webinar to see how the RCM starter kit helps healthcare providers become less reliant on costly RCM vendors and help identify the metrics that matter most.

Attend and learn how this starter kit aims to simplify RCM reporting by providing a:

  • Rapidly deployable framework
  • Visually-driven application
  • Unified perspective from transactional trending, account receivable snapshots, and denials management

About the speaker


Jared Sathaye

Tableau, Sales Consultant

Jared Sathaye has spent the entirety of his 10 year professional career utilizing technology and analytics to solve complex business problems across a wide range of industries including construction, automotive, and healthcare. Prior to joining Tableau as a Sales Consultant, Jared worked within Client Success Management for a leading healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) organization and developed an expertise around RCM reporting and analytics. He has a wealth of experience leveraging data and analytics to support hospitals and health-systems on a variety of initiatives spanning Patient Access, Charge Capture, AR Management, and Denials Management. Jared has a Master of Science (MS) in Analytics from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Industrial Management from Purdue University.

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