Iron Viz Europe - How to create a winning viz

We're bringing Iron Viz to Tableau Conference on Tour London! Yes, you heard me, we are launching a European chapter of the world's premiere visualisation competition!

If you're interested in finding out a few top tips to help you create a winning visualisation, watch this webinar as Tim Vermeiren, a past Iron Viz competitor, shares with you his top secrets.

To help you build a great viz, check out the below links mentioned in the webinar

  • Iron Viz: Europe contest details page
  • Iron Viz: Europe submission form
  • Tim Vermeiren's winning viz
  • Tim Vermeiren's Tableau Public profile
  • Makeover Monday project
  • Dear Data Project
  • World Bank Data
  • Reddit - Data is Beautiful
  • Kaggle Data Sets
  • Data is Plural
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