Enabling Advanced Pricing Analytics at United Rentals

United Rentals has 5000+ contractual agreements with its largest and most valuable customers. These agreements are primarily maintained by the sales team of 2000+ sales professionals who utilize Salesforce.com as the primary CRM platform. In addition to Salesforce.com the sales team is also heavily dependent on internal data that is used to analyze and construct contractual agreements with its customers. The process of adequately analyzing agreements, tracking approval flow and finalizing agreements within the ERP system was lacking and inefficient at best. The difficulties in the legacy process led to reduced productivity, less than adequate analysis, and in some cases loss of revenue and ultimately profitably.

As a solution to these issues, United Rentals integrated a cloud based reporting solution within the Salesforce.com platform. This new solution provides increased efficiency and improved analytics leading to better decision making and profitability. In addition, the efficiency of the decision making process and approval flow has improved dramatically leading to increased selling time for the sales teams.

We will cover the following topics during this webinar:

  1. Strategy: selling the efficiency and value that can be delivered via a custom Tableau and SFDC solution
  2. Proof of Concept and Capability: live demonstration of the analytics solution containing Tableau dashboards integrated within SFDC platform
  3. Technical Architecture: high level discussion on architecture of the solution
  4. Delivering the Value: illustration of how the final solution improved decision making, and increased efficiency throughout the organization ultimately leading to value creation for the organization.

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