Building a Data-Driven Culture in Manufacturing

Dit evenement heeft helaas al plaatsgevonden.

With a rich supply chain, manufacturers have tons of data, but often don't have the right tools to explore it. There's a wealth of potential that's just waiting to be unleashed. With the Manufacturing sector leading Canada's economy out of recession and in the USA, manufacturing and distribution companies noted significant or modest growth in company revenue during the pandemic, the time to unleash this potential and bring further value to customers and stakeholders is now.

With advanced and automated analytics, manufacturers can better answer questions like:

• How can I improve the organization of my supply chain?

• How can I optimize my cost on freight and materials?

• How can I refine my production process of bringing products to market?

In this webinar, we demonstrate how using your data in Tableau can answer these questions and improve your processes. We show how to use data visualization to:

• Implement real-time, “big-needle” metrics for a clear overview of how factory profit performance

• Understand how disruptions to the supply chain can impact margins and deliverables

• Better predict machinery downtimes and support production targets while mitigating machinery risks

Behind the scenes, Tableau makes it easy to use governed data sources to define a “single source of truth.” We share how everyone in your business can access these pre-configured data sources and be equipped with self-service analytics.

This webinar is intended for analysts, managers, and VP’s looking to streamline their operations. Supply chain analysts will find this webinar uniquely insightful.


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Ariel Pohoryles

Director | Keyrus Canada

Data and analytics expert with advanced specialities in visual and embedded analytics . Driven by designing best-in-class data analytics solutions and achieving customer success.


Razvan Nistor

Director of Data Science and CPG | Keyrus

Raz is passionate about using big-data analytics to help people make better business decisions. With a highly numerate background in applied physics and scientific computing, he can code... but his focus is always on helping people find answers to relevant business questions through visual data discovery and the latest machine learning