BBC/Tableau Webinar: Get the Most out of Performance Recordings & Practical Tips for Faster Dashboards

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Is your dashboard feeling a little…slow? Don't know where to start to fix it?

In this session we teach you basic tricks that will put your dashboard in the fast lane. We will cover data connections, dashboard design and common mistakes that slow down vizzes and workbooks. Take away a toolbox for creating efficient workbooks and find the performance trouble makers.

This session is aimed at anyone who creates dashboards and have always wondered what drives performance.

This session is for Intermediate to Advanced users.

  • Newbie: No previous experience with Tableau
  • Beginners: Getting started with Tableau with >6 months experience
  • Intermediate: Existing solid working experience with Tableau with a deep understanding of all fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards
  • Advanced: Existing advanced working experience with Tableau including ability to explore complex data visualisation challenges and a solid understanding of calculations

Questions? Please contact Theresa Jameson at or Sharron Xia at


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Miriam Nikisch

Solutions Engineer – Tableau | DACH

Before joining Tableau, Miriam finished her Master's degree in marketing intelligence. During her studies, she worked in different companies gaining deep insights into how firms handle data and the analysis of it. Knowing that there is a lot of potential for improvement, she started as product consultant at Tableau with the goal to enhance the people's data usage and analytical capabilities using Tableau. She enjoys beautiful dashboard design and playing around with data and difficult problem statements - this is what boosts her excitement for Tableau's products over and over again!


Sharron Xia

Senior Customer Success Manager – Tableau | UK

Sharron is a Customer Success Manager at Tableau based in our London office. She works with enterprise customers across multiple verticals in helping them accelerate their adoption with Tableau and building a community with a strong data culture foundation.

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