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The future speaks data—do you? Tableau has committed to enabling 10 million people with data skills over the next 5 years. Learn how to speak data today!

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Upskill yourself and your organization for a data-driven future

There’s more data than ever before, and data skills are table stakes for success. Individuals and organizations that invest in data skills and upskilling will benefit from improved decision making, innovation, productivity, customer and employee experience, and more, according to a Tableau-commissioned survey by Forrester Consulting.

Let us help you take the first step toward making data commonplace in your organization by downloading our FREE Data Skills Workforce Education Guide. This guide provides simple, prescriptive steps to help orgs upskill at scale and approachable bite-sized modules for the individual to fit learning into their already busy day.

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Join the data skills movement


Broaden your capabilities with in-demand data skills and join the movement by investing in you. Start with our free eLearning, then use the Share Now link below to let your actions inspire others to help close the data skills gap.


Join the movement by teaching students critical thinking and analytical skills using our ready-made curricula and resources for higher education. Then use the Share Now link below to let your actions inspire others to help close the data skills gap.


Join the movement by enabling your teams with the data skills they need to make faster, better decisions using the new Data Skills 10 Million Workforce Education Guide. Then use the Share Now link below to let your actions inspire others to help close the data skills gap.

Share how you’ll help grow the movement by making the #PledgeForData now!

Share how you’ll help grow the movement by making the #PledgeForData now!

Partners in the #PledgeForData movement

We’ve partnered with data-driven organizations to help drive the movement forward, from Tableau's Business Analyst Professional Certificate on Coursera (coming soon!) and the nearly 40 colleges committed to building data skills on our Tableau for Teaching Advisory Council to Pathstream’s data and business analytics certificate program for non-traditional students.

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39 educators

Take action: up-level your data skills

Closing the data skills gap starts with you. Pledge to start learning or up-level your skills and share your knowledge with others.

Free Build Your Data Literacy Trailhead

Learn to interpret, explore, and communicate effectively with data, from data literacy basics to well-structured data, aggregation and granularity, data distributions, and more.

Free Data Literacy for All eLearning

No matter your skill level, learn data-literacy fundamentals in this free self-guided training program. Now available in English, French, Korean, Japanese, and French!

Everyone, regardless of their position or department, must know and embrace the language of data to help their organization tackle its difficult problems.

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Data education for the future

It’s never too early—or late!—to teach data skills and critical thinking. Tableau Academic Programs provides free, ready-made learning and teaching resources, curricula, and analytics software for students and instructors.

Tableau for Teaching

Teach data skills across all disciplines and levels in your classroom for free. Since 2011, 45K+ instructors have used free software and teaching resources to ignite creativity and data problem-solving.

Tableau for Students

We connect students with free software and resources to learn how to speak data with Tableau—building the in-demand skills they need to stand out, get hired, and make a difference.

Data Kids

Make data fun! Bring data to life with free educational resources and activities that introduce kids to the most important skills they’ll need in the future: data skills.

The impact of data literacy

Widespread data literacy—the ability to explore, understand, and communicate with data—is necessary for a strong Data Culture and helps people and businesses thrive. By prioritizing and investing in data literacy, organizations reduce the analytics skills gap, experience greater collaboration, gain competitive advantages, and more. Discover how to get started, find expert guidance, and access key resources.


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Get started by exploring the programs and projects that bring the community to life. Connect with fellow data enthusiasts, improve your visualization skills, or learn something new with a global community in your corner. There is no wrong way to begin and no better time to get started. 

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