Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the format of Tableau Conference this year?

Tableau Conference 2021 is a virtual experience. It’s also 100% free—absolutely everyone can attend, from all over the world. It’s the most inclusive and accessible Tableau Conference ever, jam-packed with cool opportunities to learn, connect, and celebrate.

Who should attend Tableau Conference?

Tableau Conference is open to everyone who believes in the value and power of data and wants to use it to solve problems and inspire creativity.

This free, virtual event is designed for anyone looking to connect with other data people. It’s your biggest moment to share best practices, meet new contacts who can impact your data journey long after the event, and help your peers navigate a rapidly evolving business landscape and world.

When will Tableau Conference take place?

Tableau Conference is broadcast around the world, with three regional options to choose from. You can watch any broadcast that fits your schedule.

The Americas broadcast airs November 9-11, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM PST each day.

The Europe broadcast airs November 10-12, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM GMT each day.

The Asia Pacific broadcast airs November 10-12, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM SGT each day.

How much does Tableau Conference cost?

There’s no cost to attend. Tableau Conference 2021 is free and fully accessible to everyone.

I see a place for a code on the registration page. What is that?

Tableau Conference is free and open to all, so you don’t need a code to register. Codes are sometimes used by Tableau Sales Representatives and other groups for various reasons. If you received one, you can enter it on the registration page or add it into your registration at a later date. If you didn’t receive one, no worries–you are not missing out on any of the jam-packed opportunities to learn, connect, and celebrate!

Will Tableau Conference be broadcast live?

Tableau Conference episodes are broadcast live in the Americas and replayed in the Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Some channels, such as Tableau Partners, offer new live content that airs in various regions. Be on the lookout for the event program with full content details launching in late October.

There’s also a library of on-demand videos that are available around the clock, so you can watch between broadcasts or whenever you have time.

Will recordings of Tableau Conference be available after the event?

Yes! Your registration includes access to on-demand content from Tableau Conference 2021 for a month following the event. After the conference ends, you’ll receive an email with instructions for accessing the recordings.

How do I attend Tableau Conference and participate in activities?

In late October, you’ll receive an email with information about how to access and navigate the virtual event platform, see episode details, create Braindates, connect on Slack, and schedule Tableau Doctor appointments.

You’ll use your Tableau ID to sign in. (Use the same email and password that you used to register.)

I can’t attend the entire conference. Can I attend only part of it?

Absolutely. We understand how busy life can get.

We’ve developed content that allows you to hop in and out of the event easily. (For example, most episodes are no more than 30 minutes long.) And if you miss an episode, you can watch a recording of it later.

After the event, you’ll receive an email with instructions for accessing recordings of Tableau Conference that you can watch any time.

Where do I meet my data people?

  • Make a Braindate. Connect with other data enthusiasts from around the globe in a video chat to expand your network, learn new things, solve problems together, and share your expertise or experiences. Choose a topic or propose your own, then meet one-to-one for 30 minutes or in small groups for 45 minutes.
  • Chat on Slack. Collaborate on insights in real time, connect with attendees and speakers, discover fun opportunities to stay involved and engaged, and find live support during the conference.
  • Join the Tableau Community. The Tableau Community is made up of data rockstars who can help support your Tableau journey and bring your data skills to the next level. Get connected during TC and learn about fun, year-round opportunities.
  • Share on Social. Join the conversation using #Data21.

What are some fun things to do during Tableau Conference?

  • See a Tableau Doctor. Get one-to-one time with Tableau experts in our virtual clinic. They can troubleshoot technical challenges, answer your burning questions, break down advanced analytics techniques, help you get the most out of your deployment, and more. Browse through a catalog of topics and schedule an appointment time that’s convenient for you.
  • Explore the Tableau Public Viz Gallery. This online gallery features vizzes created by our community. Get inspired, learn something new, or simply enjoy this fan-favorite collection that explores the most important data stories of our time.
  • Enjoy our musical guest: Kick back or rock out with us during our big finale. Who is it this year? There’s only one way to find out.
  • Have a good time! We’ve woven nonstop fun and surprises into the entire event experience. Play games, visit the virtual photo booth, and snag some cool gear from the Tableau Store.
  • Grab some helpful handouts. Explore learning opportunities and solutions that can benefit you and your organization well beyond TC.

Is space limited? Is there a waitlist?

We are excited to say that Tableau Conference is fully accessible for everyone to attend! Space is not limited, but we recommend registering as soon as possible to make sure you are the first to know about all event opportunities such as booking Tableau Doctor appointments, and creating or joining Braindates.

What information should I know before I schedule a Tableau Doctor appointment?

Tableau Doctor appointments are your opportunity to connect one-to-one with a Tableau expert to solve technical challenges, review deployments, and more.

In the days before the conference starts, you’ll receive an email letting you know that scheduling for Tableau Doctor is open.

Appointments are scheduled for either 20 minutes or 45 minutes, depending on which kind of appointment you need. They’re available in English or Japanese with limited availability for other languages. ASL appointments can be requested by emailing

You can book up to three appointments over the duration of the event. All Tableau Doctor appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis until all time slots are full.

How do I make the most of my time at Tableau Conference?

As the event draws near, we will send you emails with helpful information about what to do during the event, how to navigate the event platform, and how to start planning your event schedule. These emails will include guidance on conference content, Braindates, Slack, and Tableau Doctor appointments.

To ensure that you’re free to participate in everything you plan for, it’s helpful to block time on your calendar now and give team members a heads-up that you’ll be attending. And, of course, you can invite them to join!

Are there sponsorship opportunities for our partners?

Yes. We’re excited to include partners in Tableau Conference 2021. Sponsorship opportunities are limited and will be available on an invite-only basis. The Sponsorship Marketing team will reach out to partners in the coming weeks with additional information. In the meantime, please contact for more information.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

Please reach out to with questions.