DataFam meets Trailblazers: The power of data at Dreamforce 2019

What happens when you combine the greatest data community in the world with the greatest cloud community in the world? Pure inspiration.

Tableau spent the week at Dreamforce 2019 getting to know the vibrant Trailblazer community in all its glory. We brought our mission and values to the Dreamforce masses across multiple locations, including the Tableau Lodge at Elan, Analytics Falls, and across Moscone South and West. It was so exciting to show off Tableau’s suite of innovative products and features through demos, mini sessions, and a data-rockstar-driven keynote. From overviews about data culture, in-depth introductions to our smart analytics capabilities, to foundational demos about our latest features, we thrived off of the Dreamforce audience and their appetite to learn more about how Tableau can help them see and understand everything about their data, and make the most of their Salesforce investment.

Early in the week, Salesforce President Bret Taylor posted a Twitter poll asking, “What announcements at @Dreamforce are you most excited about so far?” We were pleasantly surprised to see that Tableau was named as one of the most popular announcements for this year. As Tableau Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat pointed out, “The data doesn’t lie.”

People-powered innovation: Dreamforce gets a dose of Data Culture

We rolled into San Francisco fully energized from Tableau Conference 2019, where we discussed Data Culture and how critical it is to power your people—all people—with data. And guess what? Marc Benioff, Co-CEO of Salesforce, felt it was incredibly important for Dreamforce attendees to hear what we had to say, so he invited Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky to his Dreamforce opening keynote to amplify, for all to hear, our sincere belief that the true power of data is unlocked when everyone in your organization is empowered to use it. Adam shared how Tableau fits into the Salesforce Customer 360 experience: data is at its heart.

But there was more!

Andrew Beers, Chief Technology Officer, kicked off the Analytics Keynote by addressing an age-old myth: that you have to be an expert to work with data. We believe that everyone can be a data person and that all knowledge workers can benefit from using data. But to achieve analytics at scale, you need to build a Data Culture. You need proficiency to help your people to speak the language of data, agility with security and controls in place to keep your data secure, and you need a community that teaches and inspires others to use data in their daily work.

Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat and Vice President of Product Development Ellie Fields showcased how technology can help support this culture. Innovation is built into the Tableau DNA with over 200 new capabilities delivered this year. Francois introduced the Tableau platform by showcasing a variety of data and use cases, including dashboards from Kiva loans, Boeing, and even a Beatles visualization from the Tableau community. Ellie used Ask Data, collaboration features, Alerting, and Metrics to show the magic of Tableau Server, Online, and Mobile. Stephanie Richardson, Vice President of Product Marketing, took this a step further to show how IT can power their organization with Tableau Data Management Add-on, including powerful capabilities like Tableau Prep and Data Catalog. And how machine-learning-powered features like personalized recommendations provide a pleasant user experience, like “Netflix for your data.”

"If you know how to double-click, you know how to use Tableau."

Adriana Gil Miner, SVP of Brand Marketing and Communications wrapped it all up by highlighting the incredible Tableau Community and some of the many ways that people come together to learn, share, and thrive—with over 750,000 authors on Tableau Public, over 500+ groups in over 65 different countries, and over one million students and teachers learning Tableau in classrooms across the world. Data can have a huge impact when we come together. One example is Tableau Foundation partnering with PATH in efforts to eradicate malaria in Zambia. To date, they have seen an 80% reduction in malaria cases. Together we are extraordinary—and we are so excited to see the combined impact of the Tableau Community and the Salesforce Trailblazers.

Joins and unions of epic proportion: Datafam and Trailblazers unite

While Dreamforce got their first chance to experience the exhilaration of drag and drop, they were also treated to the energy of our Tableau workforce. Our rally squad, led by the energy of a drum line, hyped crowds throughout Dreamforce Forest.

Trailblazers were also treated to intimate mini sessions with people like Technical Evangelist Andy Cotgreave, who demoed the power of Tableau to show how anyone can make an impact with data.

And Salesforce President Bret Taylor participated in a hoodie exchange (just roll with it) with Tableau Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat to commemorate the #Trailblazer and #DataFam communities coming together.

Data, donuts, and demos: Trailblazers at the Tableau Lodge

We set up camp at the Tableau Lodge, turning three floors into a data dreamland. We sprinkled some of the Tableau-Community magic at Dreamforce with the second-floor Viz Gallery and photo booth area. Introducing Trailblazers to Tableau, new connections were made over donuts, smoothies, and music at the Blend and Beats Bar. Demos and in-depth questions for Tableau developers were in demand at the DataDev station. There were even lively conversations with customers and new friends from near and far in our top floor meeting spaces. A couple people even asked, “Is this the Tableau office?”

Visitors were also able to relax, kick their feet up, and watch keynotes, breakout sessions, and mini sessions in the Tableau Lodge. In between all of the inspiring content, we hosted a happy hour on Thursday and shared a mindful moment with folks at NamasDATA yoga Friday morning.

Visualization as a Force: Interactivity captivated at Analytics Falls

At Analytics Falls adjacent to Datorama and Einstein Falls, we welcomed Trailblazers and showcased why organizations across the world trust Tableau to lead their data-driven journey. Visitors were able to physically interact with waterfall vizzes, including a beautiful Fleetwood Mac viz, using motion to play with the data. The theater broadcasted Dreamforce sessions throughout the week, while Tabloids answered questions and showed the power of putting data into the hands of all people.

Party like a data rockstar: Bringing a taste of Seattle to Dreamforce

What better way to introduce our passion at Dreamforce than to treat the Trailblazer community with an epic data party. This was a night to truly merge the idea of data and rockstar as we brought Seattle to the Bay at the historical Masonic venue with surprise musical guests, Allen Stone and Macklemore. Attendees enjoyed culinary delights from the Pacific Northwest that included Beecher’s Mac & Cheese, Seattle Dogs, and our signature Viz Q Ale–a reference to drag-and-drop technology, VizQL. Our analysis? Dreamforce perfection.

This memorable week in San Francisco was only the beginning. If you missed it, check out the overview of Tableau experiences at Dreamforce 2019 and rewatch the analytics keynote. And if you’re new to the #datafam, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep up with our vibrant data universe!

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