New report: Tableau's smart analytics capabilities will empower everyone working with data

With a greater variety of data and increased demand to use it, Tableau is not just out to democratize data, but to make complex analyses of it simpler—speeding up insight to action. Technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and smart algorithms (all under the umbrella of smart analytics), are a great opportunity for the world of analytics to take the next big leap. Tableau is at the forefront of this new era pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to help more people than ever before see and understand data.

New Constellation Research report: Tableau Advances the Era of Smart Analytics

Constellation Research is a Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory firm specializing in digital transformation and disruptive technologies. In this recent report, author Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst, explores the evolution of self-service BI and the rise of smart analytics in the market, examining four key areas in which Tableau continues to invest: Data prep, data analysis and discovery, natural language interactions, and predictive analytics.

"Self-service brought BI and analytics to a broader base of users, but even with comparatively easy-to-use tools, such as Tableau, analysts and power users typically build dashboards and reports for untrained business users. Smart capabilities promise to usher in the next era of democratization, making data discovery, analysis, prediction and even basic data prep more accessible to all users."

The report not only includes an analysis of Tableau's position and opportunities in the market, but recommendations for customers and prospects looking to broaden their modern analytics practice with smart capabilities in their organizations. These recommendations include practical considerations for setting up your deployment for success, from choosing the right project and support team to addressing trust and transparency.

Download the Constellation Research report to learn more.

Join our live webinar with Constellation Research

Join us for a live webinar with Constellation Research Vice President and Research Principal Analyst, Doug Henschen, and several members of our development team—Vidya Setlur (natural language), Arthur Gyldenege (Tableau Prep), and Richard Tibbetts (artificial intelligence). We’ll discuss emerging trends in the industry that make rich data analysis approachable to users of all skill levels, and share our vision for the future of smart analytics, including how Tableau is driving these features forward through our product roadmap.

Register now for our webinar, Smart Analytics: From Data to Decisions, on Thursday October 4th at 9 AM PDT (12 PM EDT).

Learn more about our built-in smart analytics capabilities

Since day one, Tableau has been focused on enabling human creativity and ingenuity with faster insights and action through data. And that’s really what smart analytics is all about—whether it's machine learning, natural language, or data prep, we see smart technologies as means to further empower more people to make better decisions, faster. And as the Constellation Research report highlights, we're only gaining momentum through our acquisitions, partnerships, and ongoing research and development.

Building upon the ease of use, expressiveness, and analytical richness of the Tableau platform, our built-in smart capabilities both lower the barrier to entry to analytical processes and help advanced users ask more sophisticated questions. To learn more about these features—including our continued investments in smart data prep, automated data discovery, predictive analytics, and natural language interactions—visit our solution page.

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