Love for Authors in Tableau 6.1

In every release, we try to add features and usability that will delight authors-- those people who create dashboards and reports in Tableau. The 6.1 release has a handful of features like this, from a new dark map style to the sleeper hit of the 6.1 release: view data everywhere. Watch the video to see them all:

The idea is to give you tools that help you create more brilliant dashboards, and to make your life easier.

New features include:

  • New dark maps: A new map style so your data can really pop. Very useful when you're projecting a dashboard.
  • View data anywhere: From the data window, the connection or join dialog, or right in the view-- view data anywhere! You can even slect cells to copy and paste.
  • Pin to start page: Customize your start page by removing workbooks or pinning your favorites to the page.
  • Control legend layout: Pesky legends driving you mad? Now you have control over whether they show up in columns or single rows.
  • Links on dashboard images: Link out to your project site or source data by attaching an URL to an image.

If you want to see these features live, join a Tableau user group event happening around the world. Or look for the 6.1 release very, very soon, and as always, send us any feedback that you have.

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