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Data Day Out Singapore 2018 - Level 3: Becoming the Data Hero with Advanced Analytics

Nathan Mannheimer, Product Manager, Tableau Advanced analytics is an integral part of Tableau’s mission to help people see and understand their data. This presentation details how...

Data Day Out Singapore 2018 - Level 1: Getting from Data to Insights

Daryl Yeo and Ruby Yang, Product Consulting Team, Tableau How can you get quick insights from your data? Where do you start? Let us take you through the process, from preparing...

How Leading Healthcare Enterprises Drive Better Outcomes with Visual Analytics

As healthcare reform shifts the traditional fee-for-service model into a pay-for-performance, value based paradigm, the implications for existing healthcare delivery systems in the U.S. are far-...

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How cloud analytics and visualization are transforming Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are rapidly adopting robust data visualization and analytics capabilities. Hospitals and other healthcare providers are using analytics to identify...

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Tableau and Big Data: An Overview

Today, “big data” is simply data—there’s just a lot more of it, and growing use cases for analyzing it. As the means to capture, store, process, and manage data continuously emerge and evolve, it’s...

  • Visual Analytics

Improve your top line: Achieve Revenue Cycle Management success with visual analytics

Healthcare organizations face a number of challenges managing their revenue cycles. With numerous data sources and disconnected systems, it’s difficult to aggregate data and draw insights that...

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Data-driven banks deliver a better customer experience

Every customer touchpoint generates data—and that data reveals a lot about what matters to your customer. Be ready to lead with data analytics and improve the customer experience across every channel...

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Tableau at the Speed of Amazon EC2

To help you choose which Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance to run your Tableau Server deployment, we load tested Tableau Server (version 2018.1) on a set of Amazon EC2 instance types using...

  • Embedded Analytics

How to Create Data Products - From Data Scientist to Business Owner

What is a Data Product? A data product is an application or tool that uses data to help businesses improve their decisions and processes. Data products that provide a friendly user interface can...

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Driving Enterprise Transformation with Modern Data & Analytics

Your employees are smart, curious, hard-working, and know the questions they need to ask and answer to drive the business forward. With the right insights and a data-centric mindset, you can witness...