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7 Ways Finance Teams Are Driving ROI with Tableau

Tableau helps finance departments make their organization's most important decisions: how they spend their time and resources. Businesses use Tableau to make finance analysis and reporting more...

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Four Steps for Finance Departments to Drive Business Intelligence

Every day millions of finance professionals extract data from variety of different platforms and manually engineer reports with spreadsheets to find the answers they seek. For many obvious reasons,...

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Building Useful and Beautiful Maps: 4 Requirements for Spatial Analysis

When you’re exploring data, you want to ask meaningful questions and get answers that are easily understood. And because geographic data is now more prevalent than ever, visualizations plotted on a...

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Modernizing government with a robust data analytics platform

Using data to measure performance and accountability was a push in the federal government long before the President’s Management Agenda called for evidence-based policy-making and strongly encouraged...

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Four traits of a data-driven financial services organization

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have led financial services organizations to evolve. In the face of these disruptions, companies leverage massive volumes of...

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Tableau Server 10.5 Scalability

Worldwide, organizations are empowering people to securely access, create, and share data and analytics on their Tableau platform that is right-sized to the business demand it is supporting. They are...

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Optimizing your Amazon Redshift and Tableau Software Deployment for Better Performance

Amazon Redshift and Tableau Software are two powerful technologies in a modern analytics toolkit. Combined, they form a data warehousing and analytics solution that allows users to analyze datasets,...

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Why visual analytics?

Discover the unexpected; it’s all about the journey. Sounds like the beginning of a travel brochure, right? Well, it fits because...

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7 best practices for mobile business intelligence

Mobile business intelligence puts data right into where the work is getting done— hallway chats, site visits, and conversations with customers and partners. The potential benefits of this are huge....

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Why choosing the right BI platform involves paying close attention to its community

Finding the right business software can be hard—especially when there are dozens of options to choose from that all purport to do the same thing. But when you find the right tool? It’s heaven. You’...