Ride-sharing company, Grab analyzes millions of rows of user data to optimize customer experience

One source of truth for millions of rows of data

Optimize app features with real-time data

Refined market launches with local user data

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing app, solving real-world transportation challenges for millions of people. Grab adopted Tableau Server to centralize millions of rows of customer data and help the business make data-driven decisions around app development and overall user experience.

With Tableau dashboards, the product analytics team can track real-time metrics in different locations, leading to more strategic product launches—and ultimately a “super local” app experience.

  • Grab now has a “single source of truth” allowing them to analyze data from different angles and dimensions
  • Data scientists have more visibility into their data and can be more creative about product solutions
  • The Tableau user base in Grab grew 60% in six months

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