How Wayfair and Pepsi use visual analysis to drive business results

Data can transform business decisions from a manual guessing game into a productive science. By tapping into visual analysis, businesses are better able to understand patterns that can lead to transformative decisions.

These retailers also are taking advantage of self-service analytics, which empowers people to use data to make decisions and take action across the organization, in marketing, merchandising, operations, e-Commerce, talent management and the supply chain. Relying on IT for help with data analytics no longer works because retailers cannot afford a lag time of months, perhaps years, to gain actionable insights from their data.

During an exclusive webcast, Jeff Huckaby, Global Market Segment Director, Retail & Consumer Goods, for Tableau, and Lee Feinberg, Founder and President of DecisionViz, a Tableau partner, explained how visual analysis works, outlined the advantages of the self-service model, and provided examples of how retailers and CPG companies are using it successfully.

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