Introducing Tableau Services Manager (TSM)


Tableau Services Manager (TSM) is the comprehensive tool for installing and managing Tableau Server. It contains an enhanced user experience with both a command-line interface (CLI) and a web interface for server administrators.

TSM includes a new distributed architecture that addresses key customer pain points such as eliminating the need for a dedicated backup primary machine. It also adds the ability to dynamically add/remove certain server processes without restarting server. Some of TSM's benefits:

  • Tableau Services Manager (TSM) replaces multiple tools from previous versions of Tableau Server
  • Flexibility & Ease of Automation
  • No more primary + worker(s)
  • Hot Topology
  • Faster Upgrades

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About the authors

Kitty Chou

Manager, Product Management at Tableau

Michael Hetrick

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau