Data Monetization – Use Cases, Implementation and Added Value


How do companies monetize their data?

Data is a central resource in the 21st century. Only those who manage to extract value from their data will remain competitive so many organizations are turning to innovative ways of using their data to create value. Data monetization refers to the process of identifying and marketing data or data-based products to generate monetary value. The core of data monetization is data products (i.e., products that are based on raw, refined or analyzed data). Data products can take many forms, including consumable data sets, analysis results and operational applications that contain analysis results.

These can come as reports, extensions to existing products, digital platforms or can be incorporated into new business models. When discussing the use of data products, a distinction should be made between internal and external data monetization. Internal data monetization aims to improve internal processes such as marketing and customer experience or the maintenance of equipment. On the other hand, external data monetization involves the use of data to extend an organization’s product offering with data, data-driven services or business models to create new revenue streams. This survey-based study offers insights into how European companies are approaching data monetization.

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Data Scientist | BARC - Business Application Research Center

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