Transformational analytics: How to empower better decisions, faster, with modern BI

Building a more data-driven organization

Become the change agent your organization needs. Learn to solve key challenges IT leaders like you can face when scaling secure and accessible analytics, including:

  • Managing governance that enables self-service and responsible data use
  • Supporting fast, trusted data analysis with modern, AI-powered analytics
  • Empowering the entire organization with a scalable analytics program

Plus, learn how the analytics platform you use can make all the difference in your organization’s journey to being more data-driven.

Every digital transformation is a data transformation

Evolving markets and customer expectations have accelerated the need for companies to transform digitally. The answers to how to navigate this changing landscape reside in data. But in our all-digital, multi-channel world, data is more prolific, diversified, and disconnected than ever before. Which means that unlocking valuable insights requires a strategic approach to analytics investments.

Many organizations are modernizing and increasing their analytics investments to innovate and adapt during this period of immense change. However, few organizations successfully implement an enterprise-wide analytics program that maximizes the value of their data and their people. 

IT—you empower the business

Today, IT teams are increasingly expected to contribute to digital business initiatives, including using data to identify cost savings, boost customer experiences, and even find new revenue streams. IT plays an essential role in connecting people to the data they need to make better, faster decisions, positioning IT as a leader and trusted partner to the business. 

The key is to empower all users to answer their business questions through a trusted, self-service analytics environment. In leading organizations, IT enables governed data access, provides powerful, yet user-friendly analytics, and helps foster an organization-wide culture that prioritizes data-driven decision-making.

Download the ebook to learn more about:

  • How to manage data governance without compromising organizational agility
  • How to help everyone across your business get actionable insights quickly and confidently
  • How to build a Data Culture that empowers your organization with analytics at scale

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