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  • Industrial Products and Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
How Manufacturers Can Maximise Revenue Realisation Using Augmented Analytics

Imagine if your manufacturing organisation could maximise actual revenue realised versus expected revenue using simple data-driven augmented analytics—helping you better navigate global economic...

11 min
  • Industrial Products and Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
How Manufacturers Can Overcome Supply Chain Uncertainty Using Predictive AI Analytics

As supply chain uncertainty continues, manufacturers can get ahead by accurately predicting stockouts and inventory shortages using data-driven AI analytics.

Watch this demo to see how...

12 min
  • Industrial Products and Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
How Manufacturers Can Deliver Goods On-Time In-Full Using Data-Driven Analytics

As global supply chain's stall, imagine if you could deliver goods to your customers on-time and in-full using data-driven analytics—helping you improve supply chain reliability, responsiveness...

9 min
  • Industrial Products and Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
How Manufacturers Can Build The Factory of the Future Using Data-Driven Analytics

The Factory of the Future is a place that connects people with data-driven technologies to create a connected manufacturing process—helping manufacturers efficiently build innovative solutions to...

13 min
Design Your Data Fabric for a Successful Data Culture

Data fabric architecture is a set of technologies working together to deliver a trusted data foundation. Join guest Forrester and Tableau for insights into data fabric designs and how they have...

46 min
Modern Cloud Analytics in Action: Keyrus and Red Ventures

The cloud offers new opportunities to save you time and money, allowing you to shift focus from maintaining growing servers and upgrading infrastructure to making your data work for you and the...

22 min
What does it mean to be a Data Leader?

The Data Leadership Collaborative (DLC) is bringing together three data leaders to discuss their perspectives on what it means to be a successful, impactful data leader.

Join Abisola Oni,...

59 min
  • Financial Services
How Insurers Can Transform Group Benefits To Deliver Customer Value With Analytics

In today’s competitive job market, employers are attracting and retaining employees with tailored group insurance benefits. With the right data analytics, insurance providers can offer new product...

44 min
Modernizing the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain with Data

Manufacturers and supply chain leaders recognize the importance of visibility and foresight and their impact on these priorities, and have accelerated their adoption of technologies to use their...

49 min
Descubra o motivo por trás do KPI com a análise aumentada

A análise aumentada é uma categoria de análise possibilitada por inteligência artificial (IA) e aprendizado de máquina (Machine Learning) que expande a capacidade humana de interagir com os dados...

35 min