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Driving ACO growth and medical cost savings at Cigna with visual analytics

The healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce costs, while keeping the customer front and center.

61 min
All - Industries
Introduction to Statistics

26 min
All - Industries
Data Integration

Who might be interested: Does your data live in multiple places? Curious to know the best ways to bring them all to one place?

32 min
All - Industries
Advanced Visualization Types

Who might be interested: Looking to spice up your visualizations? View this webinar to learn how to take your visualizations to the next level.

57 min
All - Industries
Introduction to Table Calculations

Who might be interested: Looking to take your data analysis to the next level? In this webinar, you’ll get an intro to Table Calculations in Tableau.

24 min
All - Industries
How to Excel with Tableau

Who might be interested: If you’re a current Excel user looking to better understand how to work with Tableau.

41 min
All - Industries
Prep Conductor: Making data prep work at scale for your organization

Introducing Tableau Prep Conductor, which allows you to schedule and manage self-service data prep at scale so your teams can reliably trust that their data is up-to-date and ready for analysis.

29 min
All - Industries
Ask Data: Setting users up for success from data curation to scaling

The easiest way to ask questions of your data

32 min
All - Industries
How We Do Sales Analytics

Learn how Tableau's entire sales organisation use Tableau to understand all of our data.

17 min
All - Industries
The Future of Analytics: Meet the new Tableau

A new era of analytics—the Tableau way Technology is evolving fast. Our expectations are evolving faster.

37 min