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Business Services
It Takes a Village at Deloitte: Building a Tableau Community of Practice

One of the keys to leveraging Tableau successfully is building a strong community of practice within your organization to support users.

56 min
Industrial Machinery
How GE Created a Pervasive Culture of Data-Driven Insights at Scale

Applying big data to an internal business use case is challenging and requires expertise and focus. Even harder is scaling it out across a global enterprise.

47 min
Nissan: Data Alchemy… Driving Self-service Analytics

Nissan will share the approach and early successes that Nissan's IS & business teams have experienced while adopting a more collaborative model for data management & analytics.

78 min
Industrial Machinery
How Honeywell Started and Managed a Controlled Wildfire of Tableau across the Enterprise

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, where we use technology to make our world more secure, connected, energy efficient, and productive.

62 min
Aerospace & Defense
How Boeing Enables Tableau for the Enterprise

Learn about Boeing’s Tableau journey and their keys to enabling Business Intelligence and Analytics across the enterprise.

58 min
Travel & Transportation
Transportation & Logistics
Werner Enterprises is Increasing Cash Flow Using Alteryx and Tableau

Werner has been using Tableau and Alteryx for over two years now for transportation, call center, and safety violation analytics.

52 min
Travel & Transportation
Travel & Hospitality
TripAdvisor's Tableau Journey (From Excel to 10 Billion Records and Beyond)

TripAdvisor will share how Tableau has transformed how its product organizations measure their impact on the business.

58 min
Travel & Transportation
Travel & Hospitality
Revenue Management, Pricing, and Decision Support Operations at American Airlines

38 min
Travel & Hospitality
Teamwork makes the Dream Work! Inspiring a Data-Driven Culture at Kimpton

Learn how Tableau improved revenue management and provided operational insight for future forecasts at Kimpton.

46 min
Travel & Hospitality
A Single Shade of Orange at easyJet: From Evalulation to Enterprise-Wide Rollout

The business intelligence (BI) journey which easyJet has been on, including evaluating tools, conducting a proof-of-concept of Tableau and producing a pilot, roll-out, and enterprise-wide 16 core s

60 min