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Title Length
All - Industries
Sales Analytics Spotlight: Workflow Efficiency

Webisode 7: Workflow Efficiency

8 min
All - Industries
Sales Analytics Spotlight: Account Management

Webisode 6: Account Management

12 min
All - Industries
Accelerate your advanced analytics: R, Python & MATLAB

Advanced analytics is a journey that involves understanding the past, predicting the future and finding the best course of action to attain goals.

55 min
All - Industries
Advanced mapping techniques with Tableau

Nearly every dataset contains a “where” component. For organizations that need to use location to drive their business, it is critical that they can unlock the where in their data.

59 min
All - Industries
Sales Analytics Spotlight: Onboarding

Webisode 5: Onboarding

12 min
Getting Started with Tableau for Teaching

Are you an instructor looking to incorporate analytics to your classroom?

31 min
State & Local Government
Turning the tide on the opioid epidemic

America’s opioid epidemic has created a widespread health emergency across the nation.

56 min
Tableau Academic: LSE students are using visual analytics to gain insights into important social science questions

In 2018, the teaching team from LSE’s flagship interdisciplinary course LSE100 and staff from the Digital Skills Lab worked together on a module to develop students’ critical thinking and digital s

32 min
Federal Government
Leveraging predictive analytics for proactive mission management

The use of predictive analytics to drive proactive mission management is on the rise, yet turning your agency’s data into action is easier said than done.

49 min
Driving ACO growth and medical cost savings at Cigna with visual analytics

The healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce costs, while keeping the customer front and center.

61 min