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Zero to Hero: An Inverse Approach to an Analytics Rollout at Pulse Mining

Rob Parvin, Business Intelligence (BI) Manager of Pulse Mining, has over 12 years of BI experience, witnessing the shift of the BI paradigm leaning towards fast and easy-to-implement analytics.

In this 12-minute webinar, Rob demonstrates how Pulse Mining consolidates data from their customers' operation and turns data from disparate data sources into a single source of truth.

About the speaker


Rob Parvin

Business Intelligence Manager, Pulse Mining WA

Rob has eleven years of international IT and business experience in the UK, Hong Kong, USA and Australia across a number of industries including financial services, telecommunications, utilities, resources, retail, government and higher education. He is focused primarily on information management in analytics, reporting, migration/conversion, and master data management. Rob led the greenfield creation of a Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) for the University of Melbourne (UoM), delivering a cross-organisation set of best practice processes and methods, coupled with the roll-out of a dedicated “BI BA” team. He is currently responsible for the creation of two new lines of business for Pulse Mining Systems Pty Ltd: Mine Analytics and Pulse Consulting. Additionally, Rob is also in the process of setting up a dedicated agile BI consultancy and delivery organisation, capitalising on key BI industry technology disruptors.

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