Live Webinar

Better Together: Wisconsin’s Evolving Strategy to Meet Public Health Needs During COVID-19

Like many other government organizations, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has had to rapidly evolve and change practices to keep up with the unprecedented demand on data, and state and local public health resources during COVID-19.

In order to quickly adapt, they developed strategies for increased coordination between departments, data optimization, and prioritization of requests. Leveraging data to make informed decisions and prioritizing data transparency with the public has been integral to Wisconsin’s COVID-19 response.

Join us for a live webinar to hear how they built and scaled their data culture as well as their plans to continue to iterate and improve upon their data model to better serve the public.

This is part of the Leading Through Change in Government webinar series.

About the speakers

Olivia Butler

Data Management Liaison at State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services (DHS)

Chris Huard

Data Manager/Project Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Health Services(DHS)

Lynne Cotter

Research Scientist, Wisconsin Department of Health Services(DHS)

Kate Rifken

Data and Evaluation Specialist, Wisconsin Department of Health Services(DHS)