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Why you won't want to miss Tableau Conference (TC18)

In this quick 30-minute webinar, Tableau's own Ben Jones, walks you through a few of the best reasons to attend Tableau Conference (TC18) including:

  • Tableau Doctor – go one-on-one with Tableau experts to help you solve your unique technical challenges, master advanced tools, and get your vizzes and dashboards in tip-top shape
  • Tableau Labs – get hands on with some of the latest innovations of Tableau
  • Braindates – an organized way to network with fellow data enthusiasts
  • Devs on Stage – see the Tableau roadmap!
  • Iron Viz – see the best of the best in this innovative, joy-filled competition

You'll even have a chance to win a ticket to TC18 just by attending this webinar live!*

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Ready to register for TC18? Visit the Tableau conference website.

About the speakers

Ben Jones

Director of Global Outreach Programs, Tableau

Ludovic Tavernier

Iron Viz Contestant at TC18

Corey Jones

Iron Viz Contestant at TC18

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