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What's New in Tableau 10

We're excited to announce Tableau 10! Whether you're new to Tableau or a longtime user, tune in to make sure you're ready to teach Tableau this upcoming term. This 30-minute webinar will cover Tableau 10’s powerful features including data integration, data preparation, and advanced analytics, as well as important student and instructor licensing information.

What's new in Tableau 10?
  • Beautiful by design: A fresh look and feel, beautiful viz defaults, and new formatting control all add up to vizzes with impact.
  • Data breakthroughs: The rumors are true: Tableau 10 has data integration so you can join across databases. Rumors of new Google Sheets and Quickbooks connectors? Also true.
  • Answers through analytics: Make custom territories, filter across data sources, and highlight important data with new visual analytics capabilities.

About the speakers

Meagan Corbett

Academic Programs Specialist, Tableau
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