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What Your Data Says About Your Customers

Customers may be the most important business partner you have. Understanding what they want and why they are or are not buying is key to your marketing success, especially in direct marketing and online marketing, where many customers may not have a personal interaction with any representatives of your company.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to collect and interpret customer and customer experience data to provide actionable marketing insights
  • How to find and remove barriers in your customer's buying journey
  • What your website data says about the user experience and how to optimize it
  • What your email data says about your email campaigns and how to make them more effective


Joe Christopher, Director of Analytics, Blast Analytics & Marketing
Joao Correia, Digital Marketing Strategiest, Blast Analytics & Marketing
Charles Davis, Solutions Director, Blast Analytics & Marketing
Thorin Mcgee, Editor in Chief, Target Marketing

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