On-Demand Webinar

What Makes Tableau Different?

Join this webinar to learn how Tableau does visual analytics differently from other tools, including...

  • How Tableau keeps you in the flow of analysis
  • How Tableau enables you to discover powerful new insights

Learn about the key attribute that makes Tableau so different—you can quickly discover new insights by continually asking and answering questions of your data with ease.

You'll see a demo of Tableau in the flow of analysis, before showing you how Tableau makes it easy to visualise and share insights in a way that’s easy to understand for your audience.

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About the speaker


Darrick Ong

Product Consultant

Darrick is a Product Consultant for Tableau supporting the SEA region. He works with Tableau’s prospective customers by conducting workshops and doctor sessions to help them see and understand their data. He is interested in how visualizations can persuade opinions, and allow for effective decision-making while being mindful of biases and errors.

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我們致力幫助台灣企業用戶認識並熱愛使用Tableau,協助多數的工作者,擺脫長久以來的低效率分析方式、重新定義【什麼叫做Visual Analytics 視覺化分析】,讓我們開始練習用思維去引導分析,讓工具去輔助腦袋中的想法快速呈現眼前,而不再被傳統工具受限想法。

我們已看見,Data-Driven的決策思維正在發生。也歡迎造訪我們【PGi樺鼎】官網查看更多最新內容! https://reurl.cc/20q0yv