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What Lies Beneath: How EY Fights Cybercrime & Insider Threat

The advent of the digital world and the Internet of Things has opened a whole new playing field of vulnerabilities and complex fraud risks. While most organizations have remained focused on external threats, the insider threat posed by employees, contractors, and third-parties with access to an organization's IT systems presents one of the foremost fraud and information security concerns. Many organizations have made great strides in combating external cybercrime and cybersecurity fraud risks, though tackling the threat from within requires a new way of thinking and visualizing data.

EY will first explore the process of using visualization to identify an organization's digital "crown jewels" and effectively understand the insider threat. EY will then turn our attention to effective strategies for managing this threat, often blending multiple data sources and tools in new ways using Tableau. EY will explore tangible ways in which their investigators and clients are leveraging Tableau to effectively prevent, detect and control these risk areas for organizations of different sizes and risk profiles.

About the speakers

Jeremy Osinski

Senior Manager, EY

Paul Alvarez

Senior Manager, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, EY
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