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Working with big data to unlock market insights and identify opportunities

Working with Big Data to unlock market insights and identify opportunities The University of Western Sydney

Analyzing and understanding data is becoming a core skill for an unprecedented number of professions. At Tableau, we believe every individual should be empowered to see and understand their data to gain informative market insights

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the University of Western Sydney (UWS) uses data visualisation and interactive reporting to analyse information collected on the quality of student experiences.

Operating in a highly competitive market, UWS wanted to streamline its processes for collecting and analysing student feedback, as well as identify growth opportunities. By combining multiple data sets into one interactive dashboard, UWS was able to create more powerful survey analysis and reporting.


Furthermore, these insights have helped UWS develop an analytical tool to identify opportunities around specific course offerings to better meet trends and demands for tertiary education programs.

Speaker: Neil Durrant Director-Performance and Quality Office of Engagement, Strategy & Quality University of Western Sydney

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