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What do leading telco organisations all have in common? They’re innovating with data and powerful analytics to shape the next generation of telco services for customers.

Join the Tableau Telco Summit to see how Telefonica, Bouygues Telecom, Tele2, and CKH IOD & CKDelta (Hutchison 3G) reinvented how they analyse data with Tableau to optimise call centre operations, understand customer buying patterns, and create new revenue streams

And if you want to elevate your own analytical skills, our data experts will teach you how to better analyse telco data and build predictive models that reduce churn directly in Tableau.

This summit has EVERYTHING needed to reinvent data analysis for telcos:

  • Learn how leading telcos are innovating with data
  • Improve customer targeting and services with Tableau
  • Reduce churn using AI capabilities with Tableau CRM
  • Upgrade your data skills with hands-on training


Telco Summit Agenda

Tele2 | Customer Behaviour
Bouygues Telecom | Customer Relations
Telefonica | Citizen Data Science
CKH IOD & CKDelta (Hutchison 3G) | Data Culture
Tableau Demo | Telco Analytics
Tableau CRM Demo | Predictive Analytics
Beginner Tableau Training
Intermediate Tableau Training

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