On-Demand Webinar

Virtual Tableau Cinema Tour

Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome to the Tableau Cinema Tour

Using data from the world of film and television, we'll introduce you to Tableau. You will learn how to successfully combine big data, self-service analytics and dashboarding into your own blockbuster data story.

Watch this virtual event to discover how to gain valuable insights for your daily decision making from any data source and take your company’s strategy to the next level. Write, direct and star in your own success story.


  •  Red Carpet (Welcome) & Tableau introduction
  • Now Starring: Your Data - Tableau in action
  • My Tableau Story - Customer testimony from Neil Richards, Business Intelligence Engineer at Groupon and Tableau Zen Master

This event is aimed at people who are new to, or do not currently use Tableau, if you already use Tableau, please contact your Account Manager for local customer events.

About the speakers

Louis Archer

Product Marketing Manager, Tableau

Neil Richards

Business Intelligence Engineer at Groupon and Tableau Zen Master

Sara Seylani

Product Consultant, Tableau

John Hawkins

Sales Consultant, Tableau
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