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Virtual Retail Tableau User Group

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Join us on Wednesday, July 25 for the Virtual Retail Tableau User Group.


  • Welcome & Introduction by Karen Hinson, Chickfila & Kevin King, CocaCola
  • Mapping Dashboards to Tasks, with Tableau by Simon Runc, Atheon Analytics
  • Why task-focused dashboards work? and How to create an app-like experience?

    Those of us immersed in the world of data and data-visualization understand the power of data visualization to speed up the journey to insight and action (as well as making far better decisions). However it is the domain experts (buyers, supply chain analysts, account managers...etc) who have the specific expertise and (contextual) understanding to make sense of that information. Getting the power of data visualization embedded as their (default) way of working means not making something a bit better than what they have, it means making something much, much better! While many dashboards start off with good intentions...gradual and incremental increase in requirements, mean these dashboards become ever more complicated to understand and use, to a point when they aren't much better than the spreadsheets people have moved from.

    Our approach is to make highly-focused dashboards, which are mapped to particular tasks, with each dashboard optimized to achieve that task, simply and efficiently. The challenge in this approach is that many aspects of retail are linked and interdependent, so we need to allow people to flow from one task to another.

    In this talk I’ll explain why we design the way we do, show lots of examples of highly focused dashboards (stock management, promotions, availability, sales, pricing, and waste) and also show some Tableau tips-and-tricks on how we use the power of actions (interactivity) to gain an app-like experience.

  • Live Q&A

Meet the speakers:

Karen Hinson is an analyst on the Field Analysis & Performance Reporting team at Chick-fil-A, Karen is responsible for producing reports and dashboards that measure the health of the business. She began using Tableau in 2013 and has been hooked ever since. She enjoys creating simple, intuitive visualizations that "tell the story" behind Chick-fil-A's menu, sales, and profits. Karen earned her B.Sc. in finance from the University of South Carolina and her M.B.A. from Georgia Tech. She lives outside Atlanta with her husband Adam and their three young children.

Kevin King has worked at Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated Company (CCBCC) for 13 years, the last six as Director of Reporting and Analytics. He received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Claflin University in 2005 and an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2009. Kevin is responsible for reporting, data analytics, tools and applications for the Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Customer Management, Equipment Services, Warehouse, Call Center, Manufacturing and Supply Chain departments, including operational scorecards, and other reporting and data requirements as defined by senior management. The department has been focusing on the migration of their data warehouse to SAP HANA by leveraging SAP Business Objects and most importantly Tableau. Although a complex transition Kevin is excited about leveraging current and future capabilities of Tableau 10.5 and other future releases to bring their end users the optimal experience in the market. Kevin lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Ronna and their two young children.

Simon Runc is the Lead Visual Data Analyst at Atheon Analytics, with an on-going mission to humanize data for the retail sector. Simon has over 10 years of retail experience across many analytical roles. He's all about data-driven decision making, and Data Visualization is his weapon-of-choice in this endeavor (augmented with some statistics and math).
He started using Tableau in 2014, where it was love at first sight and was made a Tableau Forum Ambassador in 2015. He attributes most of his Tableau knowledge to his engagement in this wonderful resource. He is also vegan, loves cycling round London and has 5 rescue cats!

For questions about this event, please reach out to Jeff Huckaby.